One Take on ‘Avatar’ and the Vatican

The movie ‘Avatar” doesn’t have enough “curb appeal”, as we realtors say, to get us to go pay $12 apiece to see it.  It’s just not the kind of movie we like.

So when the Vatican gave the movie a thumbs down, it piqued our curiosity.  This morning we read a Letter to the Editor in the Atlantic City Press by Sharon Hutchinson of Buena Vista, NJ.  Here’s her take on the Vatican’s reaction to the movie:

“As a nontheist, I am amused at the Vatican’s condemnation of the movie ‘Avatar’ as nature worship.  A respect for and communion with nature is one of the most positive experiences that a person can undergo.

“The fact is, we depend upon nature for all the necessities of life.  The religions that worship land – yes, those awful pagan religions – develop a respect and appreciation for our planet that is sorely lacking in our modern society.  The belief that Earth’s resources are put here solely for man’s benefit has led to not only an estrangement from the natural world around us but also the plunder and devastation of the world.

“If I were to choose a religion, it would make the most sense to worship that which provides the necessities of daily living, rather than some ephemeral being who has supposedly placed man above all creatures.  The destruction of the Earth and its resources is the result of such mythical and arrogant thinking.

“It is no surprise to hear this protest from the Vatican, as Catholicism and other forms of Christianity continue to lose ground as science and reason grow.  That ‘Avatar’ has struck such a nerve is but another sign that religions are aware that more people are coming to the realization that it is the ground under our feet, not some spirit in the sky, that helps to sustain our very lives.”

- Mountain Man and City Girl

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